Pro Flight Sport 14" Throwing Knife BY COLD STEEL

Pro Flight Sport 14" Throwing Knife BY COLD STEEL

Weight: 11.2 oz.
Overall Length: 14"
Blade Length 9 1/4"
Blade Thickness: 3.5mm
Handle Length: 4 3/4"
1055 Carbon Steel
Heat treated to a hard spring temper.
Sturdy Point: Easy to throw. Will "bite" deep into just about any target.
**My Notes: Very Sharp Tip and Blade! Easily the sharpest of my inventory. Very easy to handle and throw. Sticks really well. While testing this unit, I developed a natural preference to throw from the handle versus the blade because it just felt like it was designed to be thrown from the handle. Threw alot softer and with less effort than all the other knives I recently tested. Insane penetration, easily poked through a 1" thick laminated birch plywood target multiple times, not by much but enough to feel the tip. I would use caution with these because they are so sharp, with that being said these seems like the easiest to throw with the least effort, but also the most sharp with the deepest penetration...Insane value on these, sold in single packs.

*Second review after throwing all sets back to back, the Pro Flight Sport 14" is by far the easiest and most consistent for full spin throwing for me right now. A pleasure to throw. No fatigue and less effort to get similar results with other smaller throwing knives. Very satisfying and one of the best knives I have thrown. Its just bigger than everything else in the inventory and a complete surprise. They all throw great, but something about this one has me excited. I am throwing from a far to mid range distance for similar throws with other knives. Even though this is a single knife, it was a so much fun and consistent I did not mind walking back after every throw.